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originally from: 이천원 김효빈 “나뮤 경리, 잘돼도 연락 안끊은 친구”(인터뷰)

- 2000 won’s Kim Hyobin said Kyungri is his close friend. They both used to practice at the same company.

Hyo Bin said that Kyungri supports him a lot. She also support Hyobin through SNS when 2000 won was a contestan in Kpop Star 2 

They both did a lot of phone calls, even when 2000 won has become an entertainer like right now.

But recently Hyo Bin said it’s difficult to contact Kyungri because he has changed his phone number 

" The unhappiest people of the world are retired - no purpose. What makes life mean something is purpose - a goal, a battle, a struggle. "
- Frost / Nixon (via myquotelibrary)